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Epicardial fat volume assessment in cardiac CT

Coppini G., Favilla R., Moroni D., Salvetti O., D'Errico L., Salituri F., Ciardetti M., Schlueter M., Faggioni L., Coceani M., Mazzarisi A., Bianchi M., Bartolozzi C., Marraccini P.

Cardiac CT  Cardiovascular risk  Epicardial fat  3D segmentation 

Epicardial fat, as other visceral fat localizations, is correlated with car- diovascular disease, cardiovascular risk factors and metabolic syndrome. However, many concerns remain about the method for measuring epi- cardial fat, its regional distribution on the myocardium, as well as the accuracy and reproducibility of such measurements. At present, dedi- cated software procedures to assess epicardial fat are lacking. On the other hand, manual fat segmentation requires a huge and tedious operator intervention, which is expected to cause inaccuracy and large observer- dependent variability. The aim of this study was twofold: (1) the devel- opment of a procedure devoted to assess the volume of epicardial fat, (2) the evaluation of the related intra and inter-observer variability in CT scans, both with and without contrast medium injection.

Source: International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery (Print) 7 (2012): 40–40.

Publisher: Springer, Heidelberg , Germania

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