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"Hi This Is NESTORE, Your Personal Assistant": Design of an Integrated IoT System for a Personalized Coach for Healthy Aging

Palumbo F., Crivello A., Furfari F., Girolami M., Mastropietro A., Manferdelli G., Röcke C., Guye S., Salvá Casanovas A., Caon M., Carrino F., Khaled O. A., Mugellini E., Denna E., Mauri M., Ward D., Subías-beltrán P., Orte S., Candea C., Candea G., Rizzo G.

e-health  digital health  sensor network  Economie/gestion  virtual coach  IoT 

In the context of the fourth revolution in healthcare technologies, leveraging monitoring and personalization across different domains becomes a key factor for providing useful services to maintain and promote well-being. This is even more crucial for older people, with aging being a complex multi-dimensional and multi-factorial process which can lead to frailty. The NESTORE project was recently funded by the EU Commission with the aim of supporting healthy older people to sustain their well-being and capacity to live independently. It is based on a multi-dimensional model of the healthy aging process that covers physical activity, nutrition, cognition, and social activity. NESTORE is based on the paradigm of the human-in-the-loop cyber-physical system that, exploiting the availability of Internet of Things technologies combined with analytics in the cloud, provides a virtual coaching system to support healthy aging. This work describes the design of the NESTORE methodology and its IoT architecture. We first model the end-user under several domains, then we present the NESTORE system that, analyzing relevant key-markers, provides coaching activities and personalized feedback to the user. Finally, we describe the validation strategy to assess the effectiveness of NESTORE as a coaching platform for healthy aging.

Source: Frontiers in digital health (2020). doi:10.3389/fdgth.2020.545949

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA, Lausanne, Svizzera

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