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DESIRA - D3.4 Showcase technologies

Toli E., Koltsida P., Marinos-Kouris C., Hardy C., Townsend L., Bacco F. M.

Digitalisation  Agriculture  Rural areas  Forestry  Codesign  Chatbot  Showcase technology 

This report presents how to integrate critical values of the digitisation process and apply these values during the various phases of digital solutions development, testing, and adoption. It showcases this in a practical way, by presenting two proof-of-concept solutions delivered by DESIRA. The report presents thoroughly the DigiCroft virtual farm and the Chatbot technologies and displays their technical features, design perspectives and their wider social and economic impacts, perceived as system disruptors, aiming to juxtapose the technology design characteristics with integrated digitisation practices, as defined from DESIRA's standpoint.

Source: ISTI Project Report, DESIRA, D3.4, 2023

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Digitisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas