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A Wikidata-based tool for building and visualising narratives

Metilli D., Bartalesi V., Meghini C.

Semantic Web  Narratives  Web application  Library and Information Sciences  Human-computer interaction  Wikidata  Digital Libraries 

In this paper we present a semi-automatic tool for constructing and visualising narratives, intended as networks of events related to each other by semantic relations. The tool obeys an ontology for narratives that we developed. It retrieves and assigns internationalised resource identifiers to the instances of the classes of the ontology using Wikidata as an external knowledge base and also facilitates the construction and contextualisation of events, and their linking to form the narratives. The knowledge collected by the tool is automatically saved as an Web ontology language graph. The tool also allows the visualisation of the knowledge included in the graph in simple formats like tables, network graphs and timelines. We have carried out an initial qualitative evaluation of the tool. As case study, an historian from the University of Pisa has used the tool to build the narrative of Dante Alighieri's life. The evaluation has regarded the effectiveness of the tool and the satisfaction of the users' requirements.

Source: International journal on digital libraries (Internet) 20 (2019): 417–432. doi:10.1007/s00799-019-00266-3

Publisher: Springer., Heidelberg, Germania

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