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A gracefully degradable algorithm for byzantine agreement

Di Giandomenico F., Guidotti M., Grandoni F., Simoncini L.

Algorithm  Byzantine agreement 

An algorithm for the Byzantine Agreement without authentication in a set of n processes is presented. This algorithm has the peculiarity of being more efficient as less malicious the behaviour of the faulty processes is and less the number of actual faulty processes is. If the number of actually faulty processes is less of t/2 (t is the maximum allowable number of faulty processes) it is shown that the proposed algorithm converges very quickly to the agreement. In a system composed of 3t processes and one sender process, if at most Lt/2J+1 faulty processes are present (except the sender), reaching the agreement requires 3 rounds and 2(n-1) messages exchanged per process. A comparison with known algorithms based on similar hypotheses is performed.

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