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Enhancing processing and visualization efficiency of 3D scanned meshes

Callieri M., Cignoni P., Fasano A., Montani C., Pingi P., Ponchio F., Scopigno R.

I.4.8 Scene Analysis  3D Scanning 

The construction of detailed and accurate 3D models is made easier by the increasing diffusion of 3D scanning devices. These allow to build accurate digital models of real 3D objects in a cost- and time-effective manner. The talk will present the capabilities of this technology focusing mainly on some issues which are preventing its wider use, such as the considerable user intervention required, the usually incomplete sampling of the artifact surface and the complexity of the models produced. Another emerging issue is how to support the visual presentation of the models (local or remote) with guaranteed interactive rendering rates. Some examples of the results of current projects, mainly in the Cultural Heritage field, will be shown.

Source: International Symposium on the CREST Digital Archiving Project, pp. 58–64, Tokyo, Japan, 8-9 marzo 2005

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