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Representation and preservation of heritage crafts

Zabulis X., Meghini C., Partarakis N., Beisswenger C., Dubois A., Fasoula M., Nitti V., Ntoa S., Adami I., Chatziantoniou A., Bartalesi V., Metilli D., Stivaktakis N., Patsiouras N., Doulgeraki P., Karuzaki E., Stefanidi E., Qammaz A., Kaplanidi D., Neumann-Janssen I., Denter U., Hauser H., Petraki A., Stivaktakis I., Mantinaki E., Rigaki A., Galanakis G.

Geography  Cultural tourism  Environmental sciences  intangible heritage  arts and crafts  Management  cultural heritage  Policy and Law  cultural tourism  Sustainability and the Environment  Renewable energy sources  intangible cultural heritage  Environmental effects of industries and plants  Arts and crafts  GE1-350  TD194-195  Renewable Energy  Planning and Development  Intangible heritage  TJ807-830  Monitoring 

This work regards the digital representation of tangible and intangible dimensions of heritage crafts, towards craft preservation. Based on state-of-the-art digital documentation, knowledge representation and narrative creation approach are presented. Craft presentation methods that use the represented content to provide accurate, intuitive, engaging, and educational ways for HC presentation and appreciation are proposed. The proposed methods aim to contribute to HC preservation, by adding value to the cultural visit, before, and after it.

Source: Sustainability (Basel) 12 (2020): 1–26. doi:10.3390/su12041461

Publisher: MDPI, Basel


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Representation and Preservation of Heritage Crafts