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Dal sistema informativo INFEA al sistema informativo SVS

Aloia N., Concordia C., Paratore M. T., Tardelli S., Versienti L.

Sistemi Informativi web 

This document is the final report of the "Sistema informativo SVS" project, whose main goal is the design and implementation of advanced features for "INFEA", a Web-based Information System formerly developed for the "Italian Ministry of The Environment" by CNUCE - CNR institute (now ISTI-CNR). New tools have been implemented in SVS to enable system users to store retrieve and evaluate project proposals, to manage projects financing and to build sophisticated reports. Moreover the module implementing asynchronous communication has been completely redesigned and implemented using a MOM framework; security has been improved using stronger encryption in digital certificates and the DBMS has been tuned. Another major change is that the web server functionalities have been embedded in the computer system

Source: ISTI Technical reports, pp.1–152, 2003

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