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Three Armenian Manuscripts from Tuscany

Callieri M., Pingi P., Potenziani M., Ponchio F., Scopigno R.

manuscripts  illuminated codices  interactive kiosk  multimedia  temporary exhibition 

For the temporary exhibition "Three Armenian Manuscripts from Tuscany", taking palce at the Matenadaran Museum (Jerevan, Armenia) from June 9th 2019 to January 9 2020, The Visual Computing Lab of ISTI-CNR created a multimedia interactive kiosk presenting to the museum visitors the pages of the codices and the rooms of the libraries that preserved the books in their long life. The photographic campaign of the codices and buildings has also been used in the monographic volume "Three Armenian Manuscripts from Tuscany (13th - 14th century)", by Anna Rita Fantoni e Giovanna Rasario. Mandragora, Firenze. 2019. ISBN 978-88-7461-475-2 The Kiosk presents, commented by the texts edited by the experts Anna Rita Fantoni e Giovanna Rasario, high-res 360° panorama images of ther libraries (Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana and Biblioteca di S. Matteo), high-res images of selected pages of the three codices displayed int he exhibition, and relightable RTI images of the decorated cover of one of the codices and of a parchment page illuminated in gold. The Kiosk is based on web technologies: this makes possible the installation on a stand-alone PC (like in the exhibition) but also a web publishing, linked just above. The generation of RTI, and the web visualization of RTI and multiresolution images is managed by the library Relight, developed by ISTI-CNR.

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