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Blue-Cloud2026 D5.1 - Blue-Cloud VRE Common Services 1st Release

Assante M., Candela L., Cirillo R., Dell'Amico A., Fernandez E., Frosini L., Lelii L., Lettere M., Mangiacrapa F., Pagano P., Panichi G., Piccioli T.

VRE  EOSC  e-infrastructure  D4science  FAIR 

This deliverable document the design principles and software architecture characterising the release and development of the Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment (VRE) common services, namely the analytics computing framework, the catalogue framework, the storage framework and the enabling framework components. This report is the first of two versions, each one describing the design associated with a specific version of the VRE. This deliverable focuses on the design principles and software architecture included in the first release of ththis one as released at M12 (December 2023), while a second release is due at the end of the third year of the project and will be reported in D5.4 Blue-Cloud VRE Common Services 2nd Release (M36), due in December 2025. The deliverable consists of six sections. ? Section 1 briefly introduces the role of this deliverable in the development and delivery of the Blue-Cloud VRE common services. ? Section 2 describes the Blue-Cloud VRE logical architecture of the common services and how they relate to the other services available in the VRE. ? Section 3, 4, 5 and 6 document the first release of the Blue-Cloud VRE common services available at M12, reporting the design principles and reference software architecture of the released solutions. Specifically, Section 3 describes the analytics computing framework which includes the Analytics Engine, the RStudio and the Jupyter Notebooks via JupyterHub. Section 4 presents the VRE Catalogue framework and its components, and section 5 reports on the Storage framework. ? Finally, section 6 concludes the report by illustrating the services composing the Enabling framework, which is used as a common ground for all the above-mentioned frameworks.

Source: ISTI Project Report, Blue-Cloud2026, D5.1, 2023

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