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SIMPLE - Schematico e layout della board

Bertini G., Magrini M., Moroni D., Pieri G., Salvetti O.

WSN  Smart cameras network  ITS 

This project report relates to SIMPLE Project http://simple.tuscany.it/ The SIMPLE (Sicurezza ferroviaria e Infrastruttura per la Mobilità applicate ai Passaggi a LivEllo) project aims to achieve an integrated and safe management of railway level crossings in the Smart City, providing at same time value-added services to citizens in the urban mobility domain. The SIMPLE system consists in two main components: one principally directed to the safety aspects of the railway level crossing and the other one which concerns the collection of data regarding the mobility in neighboring metropolitan roads and the provisioning of related services, such as indication of alternative routes to the drivers.

Source: Project report, SIMPLE, Deliverable D.3.1.2, 2013

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