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MOBDrone: a large-scale drone-view dataset for man overboard detection

Cafarelli D., Ciampi L., Vadicamo L., Gennaro C., Berton A., Paterni M., Benvenuti C., Passera M., Falchi F.

Object detection  Drone-view dataset  Deep learning  Man overboard detection  Man overboard dataset 

The Man OverBoard Drone (MOBDrone) dataset is a large-scale collection of aerial footage images. It contains 126,170 frames extracted from 66 video clips gathered from one UAV flying at an altitude of 10 to 60 meters above the mean sea level. Images are manually annotated with more than 180K bounding boxes localizing objects belonging to 5 categories --- person, boat, lifebuoy, surfboard, wood. More than 113K of these bounding boxes belong to the person category and localize people in the water simulating the need to be rescued.

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