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SST image processing for mesoscale patterns identification

Papini O., Reggiannini M., Pieri G.

Image Processing  Remote Sensing  Mesoscale Patterns  Sea Surface Temperature 

Understanding the marine environment dynamics to accordingly design computational predictive tools represents a factor of paramount relevance to implement suitable policy plans. In this framework mesoscale marine events are important to study and understand since human related activities, such as commercial fishery, strongly depend on this type of phenomena. Indeed the dynamics of water masses affect the local habitats due to nutrients and organic substances transport, interfering with the fauna and flora development processes. Mesoscale events can be classified based on the presence of specific hydrodynamics features, such as water filaments, counter-currents or meanders originating from upwelling wind actions stress. In this paper a novel method to study these phenomena is proposed, based on the analysis of Sea Surface Temperature imagery captured by satellite missions (Metop, MODIS Terra/Aqua). Dedicated algorithms are presented, with the goal to detect and identify different observed scenarios based on the extraction and analysis of discriminating quantitative features. Promising results returned by the application of the proposed method to data captured within the maritime region in front of the southwestern Iberian coasts are presented.

Source: Engineering proceedings (Basel) 8 (2021). doi:10.3390/engproc2021008005

Publisher: MDPI, Basel, Svizzera


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