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InfraScience research activity report 2023

Artini M., Assante M., Atzori C., Baglioni M., Bardi A., Bosio C., Bove P., Calanducci A., Candela L., Casini G., Castelli D., Cirillo R., Coro G., De Bonis M., Debole F., Dell'Amico A., Frosini L., Ibrahim A. S. T., La Bruzzo S., Lelii L., Manghi P., Mangiacrapa F., Mangione D., Mannocci A., Molinaro E., Pagano P., Panichi G., Paratore M. T., Pavone G., Piccioli T., Sinibaldi F., Straccia U., Vannini G. L.

Infrastructure  Open Science  Intellingent system  Research report 

InfraScience is a research group of the National Research Council of Italy - Institute of Information Science and Technologies (CNR - ISTI) based in Pisa, Italy. This report documents the research activity performed by this group in 2023 to highlight the major results. In particular, the InfraScience group engaged in research challenges characterising Data Infrastructures, e-Science, and Intelligent Systems. The group activity is pursued by closely connecting research and development and by promoting and supporting open science. In fact, the group is leading the development of two large scale infrastructures for Open Science, i.e. D4Science and OpenAIRE. During 2023 InfraScience members contributed to the publishing of several papers, to the research and development activities of several research projects (primarily funded by EU), to the organization of conferences and training events, to several working groups and task forces.

Source: ISTI Annual Reports, 2023


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