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Spectrum extraction from slitless spectrographic images

Salerno E., Bedini L.

Slitless spectrometry  Astrophysical signal processing  Spectrum decontamination and deconvolution 

Motivated by the data analysis needs emerging from the ESA's cosmological mission Euclid, a linear noiseless model is introduced for a grism-generated slitless spectrographic image. A first-attempt strategy to spectrum deconvolution and decontamination is then suggested, neglecting the typical errors affecting this type of data, while trying to control the severe ill-posedness of the original problem. Three standard approaches are applied on a toy photometry, in order to have an idea on the solutions to be expected: the Moore-Penrose pseudoinversion, the standard Tikhonov regularization, and the preconditioned-projected Landweber iterative method.

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