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Global-scale parameters for ecological models

Coro G., Bove P., Kesner-Reyes K.

Ecological modelling  Environmental modelling  Environmental forecasts  Habitat Representativeness Score  Habitat Representativeness  Ocean Digital Twin  Ecological Informatics 

This paper presents a collection of environmental, geophysical, and other marine-related data for marine ecological models and ecological-niche models. It consists of 2132 raster data for 58 distinct parameters at regional and global scales in the ESRI-GRID ASCII format. Most data originally belonged to open data owned by the authors of this article but residing on heterogeneous repositories with different formats and resolutions. Other data were specifically created for the present publication. The collection includes 565 data with global scale range; 154 at 0.5° resolution and 411 at 0.1° resolution; 196 data with annual temporal aggregation over ~10 key years between 1950 and 2100; 369 data with monthly aggregation at 0.1° resolution from January 2017 to ~May 2021 continuously. Data were also cut out on 8 European marine regions. The collection also includes forecasts for different future scenarios such as the Representative Concentration Pathways 2.6 (63 data), 4.5 (162 data), and 8.5 (162 data), and the A2 scenario of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (180 data).

Source: Scientific data 10 (2023). doi:10.1038/s41597-022-01904-3

Publisher: Nature Publishing Group, London, Regno Unito


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