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"Knock Knock! Who's There?" A study on scholarly repositories' availability

Mannocci A., Baglioni M., Manghi P.

Scholarly repositories  Availability  HTTP resolution  Scholarly communication  Open science 

Scholarly repositories are the cornerstone of modern open science, and their availability is vital for enacting its practices. To this end, scholarly registries such as FAIRsharing, re3data, OpenDOAR and ROAR give them presence and visibility across different research communities, disciplines, and applications by assigning an identifier and persisting their profiles with summary metadata. Alas, like any other resource available on the Web, scholarly repositories, be they tailored for literature, software or data, are quite dynamic and can be frequently changed, moved, merged or discontinued. Therefore, their references are prone to link rot over time, and their availability often boils down to whether the homepage URLs indicated in authoritative repository profiles within scholarly registries respond or not. For this study, we harvested the content of four prominent scholarly registries and resolved over 13 thousand unique repository URLs. By performing a quantitative analysis on such an extensive collection of repositories, this paper aims to provide a global snapshot of their availability, which bewilderingly is far from granted.

Source: TPDL 2022 - 26th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, pp. 306–312, Padua, Italy, 20-23/09/2022


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