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AIMH Lab for Healthcare and Wellbeing

Di Benedetto M., Carrara F., Ciampi L., Falchi F., Gennaro C., Amato G.

Artificial Intelligence  Medical imaging  Cell counting  Microscopy images  Fronto-temporal dementia  Pupil 

In this work we report the activities of the Artificial Intelligence for Media and Humanities (AIMH) laboratory of the ISTI-CNR related to Healthcare and Wellbeing. By exploiting the advances of recent machine learning methods and the compute power of desktop and mobile platforms, we will show how artificial intelligence tools can be used to improve healthcare systems in various parts of disease treatment. In particular we will see how deep neural networks can assist doctors from diagnosis (e.g., cell counting, pupil and brain analysis) to communication to patients with Augmented Reality .

Source: Ital-IA 2022 - Workshop AI per la Medicina e la Salute, Online conference, 10/02/2022

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