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The impact of serious games with humanoid robots on mild cognitive impairment older adults

Manca M., Paterno F., Santoro C., Zedda E., Braschi C., Franco R., Sale A.

Interactive technologies  Mild cognitive impairment  Education  Humanoid robots  Human Factors and Ergonomics  Hardware and Architecture  Software  Serious games  Human-Computer Interaction  General Engineering 

The number of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) older adults is increasing; thus, it becomes more and more important to provide them with support to avoid, or at least slow down, their cognitive decline. To this end, interactive serious games can play an important role. So far, most of them have been deployed through tablets, which represent a cost-effective solution, yet offering only limited possibilities for truly engaging such users in a multimodal manner. However, emerging humanoid robots, through their physical embodiment and human-like attributes, including facial expressions and body language, may open up new possibilities in more effectively engaging MCI older adults during repetitive cognitive training. We present a study aiming to better understand the impact of humanoid robots in supporting serious games for such users. In particular, we investigate how seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairments relate to and perceive serious games accessed through humanoid robots, as part of a training programme aimed to improve their cognitive status. For this purpose, two versions of a music-based memory game have been designed by a multi-disciplinary team, one for humanoid robots and one for tablets. We report on its use during a between-subject study that involved MCI seniors, and discuss their experience. The results show that the robot was received with more enthusiasm by the older adults, thus improving their level of engagement.

Source: International journal of human-computer studies (Print) 145 (2021). doi:10.1016/j.ijhcs.2020.102509

Publisher: Academic Press,, San Diego , Regno Unito


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