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Automatic GUI generation for WEB based Information Systems

Aloia N., Concordia C., Paratore M.

WWW / Internet Case studies  WWW / Internet Applications 

The HCI subsystem is an essential component of an Information System, whose success inside an organization strongly depend on user acceptance. A good UI design considering usability and accessibility is to the base of a system implementation that could be quite complex, particularly when a user interaction with different devices is required. The cost of such implementation, especially for large system, could be relevant, so any tool or method for automatic (or semi-automatic) GUI generation would be welcomed. In Web Based Information Systems, data entry Uis, interacting with Data Manager are a significant part of the whole HCI subsystem and usually implement a limited set of metaphors to allow reuse of components in different contexts. For this kind of UIs the complexity of automatic generation can be reduced. In this paper we first present a review of the existing open-source tools for automatic GUI development, then, we present a case study of GUI automatic generation in a Public Access WIS context.

Source: ISTI Technical reports, 2003

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