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COCO, LVIS, Open Images V4 classes mapping

Amato G., Bolettieri P., Carrara F., Falchi F., Gennaro C., Messina N., Vadicamo L., Vairo C.

COCO dataset  LVIS dataset  OpenImages v4 dataset  Classes mapping 

This repository contains a mapping between the classes of COCO, LVIS, and Open Images V4 datasets into a unique set of 1460 classes. COCO [Lin et al 2014] contains 80 classes, LVIS [gupta2019lvis] contains 1460 classes, Open Images V4 [Kuznetsova et al. 2020] contains 601 classes. We built a mapping of these classes using a semi-automatic procedure in order to have a unique final list of 1460 classes. We also generated a hierarchy for each class, using wordnet.

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