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Social and hUman ceNtered XR

Vairo C., Callieri M., Carrara F., Cignoni P., Di Benedetto M., Gennaro C., Giorgi D., Palma G., Vadicamo L., Amato G.

Extended reality  Artificial Intelligence  Digital twins 

The Social and hUman ceNtered XR (SUN) project is focused on developing eXtended Reality (XR) solutions that integrate the physical and virtual world in a way that is convincing from a human and social perspective. In this paper, we outline the limitations that the SUN project aims to overcome, including the lack of scalable and cost-effective solutions for developing XR applications, limited solutions for mixing the virtual and physical environment, and barriers related to resource limitations of end-user devices. We also propose solutions to these limitations, including using artificial intelligence, computer vision, and sensor analysis to incrementally learn the visual and physical properties of real objects and generate convincing digital twins in the virtual environment. Additionally, the SUN project aims to provide wearable sensors and haptic interfaces to enhance natural interaction with the virtual environment and advanced solutions for user interaction. Finally, we describe three real-life scenarios in which we aim to demonstrate the proposed solutions.

Source: Ital-IA 2023 - Workshop su AI per l'industria, Pisa, Italy, 29-31/05/2023

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