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A complete framework operating spatially-oriented RTI in a 3D/2D cultural heritage documentation and analysis tool

Pamart A., Ponchio F., Abergel V., Alaoui M'darhri A., Corsini M., Dellepiane M., Morlet F., Scopign R., De Luca L.

3D visualization  [INFO.INFO-TI]Computer Science [cs]/Image Processing [eess.IV]  RTI imaging  Close-Range Photogrammeytry  web visualization  [SHS.MUSEO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Cultural heritage and museology 

Close-Range Photogrammetry (CRP) and Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) are two of the most used image-based techniques when documenting and analyzing Cultural Heritage (CH) objects. Nevertheless, their potential impact in supporting study and analysis of conservation status of CH assets is reduced as they remain mostly applied and analyzed separately. This is mostly because we miss easy-to-use tools for of a spatial registration of multimodal data and features for joint visualisation gaps. The aim of this paper is to describe a complete framework for an effective data fusion and to present a user friendly viewer enabling the joint visual analysis of 2D/3D data and RTI images. This contribution is framed by the on-going implementation of automatic multimodal registration (3D, 2D RGB and RTI) into a collaborative web platform (AIOLI) enabling the management of hybrid representations through an intuitive visualization framework and also supporting semantic enrichment through spatialized 2D/3D annotations.

Source: 8th International Workshop 3D-ARCH "3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of Complex Architectures", pp. 573–580, Bergamo, Italy, 6-8 February 2019


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