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MEC: a Mesoscale Events Classifier for oceanographic imagery

Pieri G., Janeiro J., Martins F., Papini O., Reggiannini M.

Image processing  Remote sensing  Mesoscale events classifier  Mesoscale patterns  Sea surface temperature  Machine learning  Climate change 

The observation of the sea through remote sensing technologies plays a fundamental role in understanding the state of health of marine fauna species and their behaviour. Mesoscale phenomena, such as upwelling, countercurrents, and filaments, are essential processes to be analysed because their occurrence involves, among other things, variations in the density of nutrients, which, in turn, influence the biological parameters of the habitat. Indeed, there is a connection between the biogeochemical and physical processes that occur within a biological system and the variations observed in its faunal populations. This paper concerns the proposal of an automatic classification system, namely the Mesoscale Events Classifier, dedicated to the recognition of marine mesoscale events. The proposed system is devoted to the study of these phenomena through the analysis of sea surface temperature images captured by satellite missions, such as EUMETSAT's Metop and NASA's Earth Observing System programmes. The classification of these images is obtained through (i) a preprocessing stage with the goal to provide a simultaneous representation of the spatial and temporal properties of the data and enhance the salient features of the sought phenomena, (ii) the extraction of temporal and spatial characteristics from the data and, finally, (iii) the application of a set of rules to discriminate between different observed scenarios. The results presented in this work were obtained by applying the proposed approach to images acquired in the southwestern region of the Iberian peninsula.

Source: Applied sciences 13 (2023). doi:10.3390/app13031565

Publisher: Molecular Diversity Preservation International, Basel


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