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Heart deformation pattern analysis through shape modelling

Moroni D., Colantonio S., Salvetti O., Salvetti M.

I.4.7 Feature Measurement  I.4.8 Scene Analysis  Shape Modeling  I.4.6 Segmentation  Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition  Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Design  J.3 Life and Medical Sciences 

In this paper, we present an approach to the description of time-varying anatomical structures. The main goal is to compactly but faithfully describe the whole heart cycle in such a way to allow for deformation pattern characterization and assessment. Using such an encoding, a reference database can be built, thus permitting similarity searches or data mining procedures.

Source: Pattern recognition and image analysis 19 (2009): 262–270. doi:10.1134/S1054661809020084

Publisher: Distributed by Allen Press,, Lawrence, KS , Stati Uniti d'America


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