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Remote monitoring of end-user created automations in field trials

Manca M., Paterno F., Santoro C.

Trigger-Action Programming  Personalization Analytics  Internet of Things solutions to support end-user development in daily life 

This paper presents how the TAREME (Trigger-Action Rule Editing, Monitoring, Executing) platform provides support for executing and analysing personalized automations in Internet of Things scenarios. The platform allows the creation and execution of trigger-action personalization rules that can change the state of connected smart objects and devices, send alarms or reminders, and modify applications' state depending on contextual events. This paper focuses on how the platform supports analytics about the actual use of the rules and provides associated information, which can be useful to better understand users' personalization needs. Such features have been deployed in a first round of six trials, which have shown the feasibility of the approach and reported fruitful feedback.

Source: Journal of ambient intelligence & humanized computing (Print) (2021). doi:10.1007/s12652-021-03239-0

Publisher: Springer, Heidelberg ; Berlin


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