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The gCube geoportal platform

Candela L., Cirillo R., Mangiacrapa F., Pagano P., Sinibaldi F., Vannini G. L.

Data management  Spatial data infrastructure  Data publishing 

The gCube Geoportal platform is a component of the gCube open source software system conceived to support the creation and publication of georeferenced research objects, i.e. multi-part and multimedia research objects characterised by geospatial and temporal features. The Geoportal platform enables user communities to fully customise the data model characterising their instance by defining the structure, the content and the workflow of the potential research objects to be managed. `this report carefully describes the technology and documents how it was exploited to serve the development of a national catalogue for archaeological artifacts.

Source: ISTI Technical Report, ISTI-2023-TR/012, 2023


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