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AIMH Lab for the Industry

Carrara F., Ciampi L., Di Benedetto M., Falchi F., Gennaro C., Massoli F. V., Amato G.

Artificial Intelligence  Industry  Anomaly detection  Computer vision  Quality control  Visual counting  Self-driving cars 

In this short paper, we report the activities of the Artificial Intelligence for Media and Humanities (AIMH) laboratory of the ISTI-CNR related to Industry. The massive digitalization affecting all the stages of product design, production, and control calls for data-driven algorithms helping in the coordination of humans, machines, and digital resources in Industry 4.0. In this context, we developed AI-based Computer-Vision technologies of general interest in the emergent digital paradigm of the fourth industrial revolution, fo-cusing on anomaly detection and object counting for computer-assisted testing and quality control. Moreover, in the automotive sector, we explore the use of virtual worlds to develop AI systems in otherwise practically unfeasible scenarios, showing an application for accident avoidance in self-driving car AI agents.

Source: Ital-IA 2022 - Workshop su AI per l'Industria, Online conference, 10/02/2022

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