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Visual Media Service

Ponchio F., Callieri M., Potenziani M., Dellepiane M., Scopigno R.

Web service  3D  2D  RTI  Visual media  Online presentation 

The Visual Media Service provides easy publication and presentation on the web of complex visual media assets (3D, RTI, High Resolution 2D Images). It is an automatic service that allows to upload visual media files on an server and to transform them into an efficient web format, making them ready for web-based visualization. The Visual Media Service is an end-to-end solution able to support the entire publishing process, from data uploading to presentation customization. The service provides a very easy interface (a simple web form) that allows the user to upload the visual media file; the data is then transformed in a web-compliant format, supporting multi-resolution encoding, compression, and progressive transmission. At the end of the data-processing phase the user receives an email containing the URL of the published asset. Through this URL the user can access a web-based presentation that enables content creators, but also end users, to interactively explore the published media. Finally, the Visual Media Service provides a full set of interactive tools for customizing the resulting web-based presentation.

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