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3D Heritage online presenter

Callieri M., Potenziani M., Dellepiane M., Corsini M., Ponchio F., Scopigno R.

3D Graphics  3D Web  Web Based 3D Rendering  Online 3D Presentation 

3D Heritage Online Presenter (3DHOP) is a framework for the creation of advanced web-based visual presentations of high-resolution 3D content. 3DHOP has been designed to cope with the specific needs of the Cultural Heritage (CH) field. By using multiresolution encoding, it is able to efficiently stream high-resolution 3D models (such as the sampled models usually employed in CH applications); it provides a series of ready-to-use templates and examples tailored for the presentation of CH artifacts; it interconnects the 3D visualization with the rest of the webpage DOM, making it possible to create integrated presentations schemes (3D + multimedia). Thanks to its modular nature and a declarative-like setup, it is easy to learn, configure, and customize at different levels, depending on the programming skills of the user. This allows people with different background to always obtain the required power and flexibility from the framework. 3DHOP is written in JavaScript and it is based on the SpiderGL library, which employs the WebGL subset of HTML5, implementing plugin-free 3D rendering on many web browsers.

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