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The OpenAIRE research graph: third-party publishing APIs

Atzori C., Baglioni M., Bardi A., Manghi P., La Bruzzo S., De Bonis M., Dell'Amico A., Artini M., Mannocci A., Ottonello E.

OpenAIRE research graph  OpenAIRE APIs 

This work describes the specification of the OpenAIRE publishing APIs that support third-party services at publishing metadata about interlinked and packaged research products into the OpenAIRE Research Graph, in respect of the OpenAIRE interoperability guidelines (https://guidelines.openaire.eu). Research products generated by researchers using services of research infrastructures are today manually published by researchers in a repository external to their research infrastructure. This phase is often considered an extra burden, because researchers have to fill in metadata forms with information that is already available in the scope of the services they used. By using the OpenAIRE publishing APIs, services of research infrastructures can implement an on-demand publishing workflow for any type of research products to support their researchers at improving the FAIRness of their research products and relief them from the tedious step of finding a suitable repository and manually depositing the products in it.

Source: ISTI Technical reports, 2019

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