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PlayToPickup: customisable serious games for children with cognitive disorders

Angileri L., Manca M., Paternò F., Santoro C.

Serious games  Cognitive disorder 

Cognitive developmental disorders are common in children and affect the language or attention area, such as attention deficit and hyperactivity. In these cases, the individual is unable to engage and interact effectively with the environment, resulting in difficulties in learning and autonomously carrying out daily activities. For these reasons, this work proposes a solution that aims to stimulate children in the relevant cognitive aspects, which are attention, planning tasks and error monitoring. The proposed solution is PlayToPickUp, a serious game that supports tasks that replicate the activities of daily life, such as preparing the backpack, recognising money or emotions.

Source: ERCIM news 130 (2022): 22–23.

Publisher: ERCIM., Le Chesnay

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