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Narrative building and visualising tool

Metilli D., Bartalesi Lenzi V., Meghini C.

Semantic Web  Linked Data  Narratives  Ontology  Digital libraries  Wikidata 

The Narrative Building and Visualising Tool (NBVT) is a semi-automatic tool to construct and visualise narratives, intended as semantic networks of events related each other through semantic relations. This tool obeys an ontology for narratives. NBVT uses Wikidata/Wikimedia Commons as external knowledge base of images and entities. The user of NBVT can select instances of the narratives ontologies among automatically proposed Wikidata entities, otherwise new entities can be created. NBVT assigns URIs to the selected instances and facilitates the construction of events based on these instances, and their linking to form narratives. The knowledge collected by the tool is exported as Linked Data.

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