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Blue-Cloud D4.5 - Interfacing EOSC report (Release 2)

Buurman M., Pagano P., Candela L., Widmann H.

Service Catalogue  Service Onboarding  EOSC 

The Blue-Cloud Service platform features a variety of services that can be used for undertaking world-class science via the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) framework, by featuring leading operational marine research infrastructures and e-infrastructures. As part of its service offer, the Blue-Cloud service catalogue gathers all the services enabled in the Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment (VRE) that will be onboarded in the EOSC Catalogue. This onboarding, once finished, will allow easy access to all EOSC users to Blue-Cloud services via the EOSC Portal Marketplace. This deliverable describes the onboarding of Blue-Cloud services available in the Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment (VRE) into the EOSC Catalogue. It includes details on the activities performed to ensure that the configuration, formats and metadata of resources are compatible with the requirements of the EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace. The document also introduces how providers have been/are being imported and referenced into the EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace. While the different procedures for onboarding 'providers' and 'services' are described in detail in the first release of the deliverable (D4.3), this document goes a step further by describing the actual onboarding within the EOSC Catalogue and should be considered as updated and extended version of D4.3.

Source: ISTI Project report, Blue-Cloud, D4.5, 2022

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