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End-user development in industrial contexts: the paper mill case study

Manca M., Paternò F., Santoro C.

End user development  Internet of Things  Industry 4.0 

This work aims to explore the potentialities of an end-user personalisation platform in industrial settings. In such a context, stakeholders with different roles and competencies collaborate to manage and control an environment where legacy machines coexist and interact with newer ones. Our goal is to provide a rule-based tool that allows end-users to build personalised solutions to respond quickly to the dynamic needs of factories. We report on a case study in the paper factory domain, in which the industrial aspects identified with expert stakeholders through interviews have been simulated and addressed through an extension of a personalisation platform. A first user test of the resulting environment has been carried out with a representative set of users, and has provided useful and encouraging feedback in terms of the potentialities of the proposed approach in industrial contexts.

Source: Behaviour & information technology (Online) (2022). doi:10.1080/0144929X.2022.2089597

Publisher: Taylor & Francis, [London] , Regno Unito


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