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A deep learning-based pipeline for whitefly pest abundance estimation on chromotropic sticky traps

Ciampi L., Zeni V., Incrocci L., Canale A., Benelli G., Falchi F., Amato G., Chessa S.

Smart agriculture  Smart farming  Integrated pest management  Computer vision  Object counting  Visual counting 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an essential approach used in smart agriculture to manage pest populations and sustainably optimize crop production. One of the cornerstones underlying IPM solutions is pest monitoring, a practice often performed by farm owners by using chromotropic sticky traps placed on insect hot spots to gauge pest population densities. In this paper, we propose a \rev{1}{modular model-agnostic} deep learning-based counting pipeline for estimating the number of insects present in pictures of chromotropic sticky traps, thus reducing the need for manual trap inspections and minimizing human effort. Additionally, our solution generates a set of raw positions of the counted insects and confidence scores expressing their reliability, allowing practitioners to filter out unreliable predictions. We train and assess our technique by exploiting PST - Pest Sticky Traps, a new collection of dot-annotated images we created on purpose and we publicly release, suitable for counting whiteflies. Experimental evaluation shows that our proposed counting strategy can be a valuable Artificial Intelligence-based tool to help farm owners to control pest outbreaks and prevent crop damages effectively. Specifically, our solution achieves an average counting error of approximately $9\%$ compared to human capabilities requiring a matter of seconds, a large improvement respecting the time-intensive process of manual human inspections, which often take hours or even days.

Source: Ecological informatics (Print) 78 (2023). doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2023.102384

Publisher: Elsevier, Amsterdam , Paesi Bassi


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