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A finite element model updating method based on global optimization

Girardi M., Padovani C., Pellegrini D., Robol L.

Finite elements  Modal analysis  G.1.10  Finance  G.1.6  Signal Processing  Control and Systems Engineering  Global optimization  Sensitivity  Civil and Structural Engineering  FOS: Computer and information sciences  Computer Science Applications  Computational Engineering  Computer Science - Computational Engineering  and Science  Aerospace Engineering  and Science (cs.CE)  D.2.0  Mechanical Engineering  Model updating  Masonry constructions 

Finite element model updating of a structure made of linear elastic materials is based on the solution of a minimization problem. The goal is to find some unknown parameters of the finite element model (elastic moduli, mass densities, constraints and boundary conditions) that minimize an objective function which evaluates the discrepancy between experimental and numerical dynamic properties. The objective function depends nonlinearly on the parameters and may have multiple local minimum points. This paper presents a numerical method able to find a global minimum point and assess its reliability. The numerical method has been tested on two simulated examples - a masonry tower and a domed temple - and validated via a generic genetic algorithm and a global sensitivity analysis tool. A real case study monitored under operational conditions has also been addressed, and the structure's experimental modal properties have been used in the model updating procedure to estimate the mechanical properties of its constituent materials.

Source: Mechanical systems and signal processing 152 (2020). doi:10.1016/j.ymssp.2020.107372

Publisher: Academic Press,, Orlando , Regno Unito

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